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Radio Commercial Production

& Media Buying Services

So, you want to use radio advertising to promote your business or practice, and you’re looking at radio commercial production companies or radio advertising agencies to develop and produce radio commercials.

For over 25 years, The Rockford Group has been producing compelling, potent, and award-winning radio commercials for the legal, financial, medical, automotive, and retail sectors.

But, we don’t produce typical spots. All of our commercials satisfy two criteria: (1) they are genuinely inspired; and (2) they drive the results our client is seeking. Using our inspired creative approach, we develop messaging that gets in the heads of your targets and stays with them!

How much does a radio ad cost? Producing and licensing radio ads can be surprisingly affordable. Just let us know what you are considering, or ask what we think you need, and we’ll develop effective, informative, and compelling radio ads that are economical to produce.

If you need media buying services to place your dynamic new radio commercials, we will develop budget-sensitive and efficient media plans designed to reach your target audience while saving you money. Purchasing radio advertising time can run from just a few dollars to thousands of dollars per airing, depending on the: market, spot duration, type of programming, ratings, time of day, and many other factors.

The Rockford Group has been buying radio air time for as long as we’ve been producing radio commercials. We are budget-sensitive, aggressive negotiators that have placed almost $100,000,000 in media. We have extensive experience working with radio budgets as low as $10,000 to over $5,000,000 a year.

So, for a free no-obligation consultation & to learn how The Rockford Group’s powerful radio creative and media buying services can produce outstanding results for your business,just click this link.

Or, to hear some of our radio commercials, simply click here.