So, you need a Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) pay per click (PPC) campaign developed and managed. Whether you are new to Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising and need a PPC campaign developed, or, you need an experienced PPC advertising specialist to improve the PPC management of an existing Google PPC campaign (or other channels such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.), you’ll want The Rockford Group’s Digital Marketing team working for you.

People always ask: how much does Google advertising cost? The answer is: as much or as little as you’d like to budget. However, what you should be asking instead is: how do I lower the cost of Google advertising? The answer: quality, quality, quality! Depending on the “quality-score” Google assigns to your ad, Google will charge you more or less per click. Quality scores are determined in part by your ads, and how relevant the associated landing pages are to the Google keyword or search term triggering your ad. The higher the quality score, the lower your cost per conversion or click. The lower the quality score, the higher your cost is. In other words, they penalize ads with low-quality scores and reward ads with high-quality scores. Using various best in class tools, we will build ads with high-quality scores that best relates to your most relevant landing page. Or, if we have permission, alter your landing pages’ content for better quality scores.

To illustrate the point, let’s say your campaign budget of $1,000 yields 300 clicks and 12 conversions using low-quality score ads. The same $1,000 may yield 500 clicks and 20 conversions (based on an avg. 4% conversion rate). Obviously, getting more while paying the same or less is something to strive for! (Note: these are just sample numbers used to clarify the point being made.)

We want to provide the best value in pay per click advertising. So, let’s talk! We’ll review your needs and goals, and then provide a budget estimate for a highly efficient: PPC, PPV, CPM text, display and/or video campaign. Whether you have a medical or dental practice, a legal, financial or professional services practice, or a retail business, we’ll build a powerful campaign that attracts targeted prospects to grow your business or practice.
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