Geo-Fencing Advertising


Interested in delivering ads directly to your prospects while they are in-market? Interested in reaching your competitors’ in-market customers with a custom message designed to attract them to your location, product, or service opportunity? The Rockford Group can accomplish all of this by using our signature approach to create a customized and powerful geo-fencing campaign for your business. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you have an auto dealership. For this example, we’ll name the dealership, “Best Toyota.” Of course, there are other Toyota dealerships within say, 35 miles of your location. We’ll refer to them as “Bad Toyota” and “Worst Toyota.” Naturally, other brands like Nissan compete for Toyota buyers. In this example, we’ll call the Nissan dealership in your proximity “Polar Nissan.”

Using precise latitude and longitude coordinates, we create invisible boundaries (the geo-fence) around your competitors’ physical locations. For example, when someone walks into “Bad Toyota,” they will breach the geo-fence allowing us to “tag” their smartphone.

This tag enables us to serve that prospect customized graphic and/or video ads from you, for instance, a very aggressive price point or lease ad. If they went to Polar Nissan, we would serve them not only a price point but a brand switch message as well! Your competitors’ prospects will then see your ads when they use their phones to go online or use an app.

These uniquely persuasive ads are served directly to your competitors’ prospects for up to 30 days. The ads can link directly to the most relevant page on your website or to a dedicated landing page. But it gets even better! We’ll also put a geo-fence around your location, referred to as a conversion zone, so that we can now track not only their click but when they ultimately shop your dealership.

Every month we’ll review with you our easy to understand yet comprehensive report, which details all of this dynamic activity. You’ll see just how many times your ad was served, how many people clicked to your website, and, most importantly, how many came through your doors after shopping your competitors. Frankly, you’ll be amazed at just how powerful this form of marketing can be!

Geo-Fencing is suitable for most static-location based retail stores or professional service offices (medical, legal, financial, etc.).

So, for a free no-obligation consultation & to learn about how The Rockford Group’s powerful geo-fencing strategies can help you acquire more prospects currently in-market and gain more of your competitors’ market share, just click this link.