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So, you want to use direct-mail advertising to promote your business or practice; and you’re looking for a direct-mail advertising agency to develop and produce direct-mail ads and promotions.

For over 25 years, The Rockford Group has been producing award-winning, compelling, and potent direct-mail ad campaigns, while also coordinating reliable, budget-sensitive fulfillment. This powerful and convenient combination has made us one of the preeminent advertising agencies specializing in the direct marketing needs of the legal, financial, medical, automotive, and retail sectors.

But Rockford is more than a graphic design and direct-mail fulfillment house. We marry our decades of sales experience with persuasive copy and visual elements, which will support your “sell” message, motivating your prospects to respond as you would like them to. Using a strong call to action, the text is written to inform, convince, and sell. Our graphic designs are attractive, dynamic, and made suitable for the message, product, or service you are offering. All of this leads to the development of effective, persuasive, and compelling custom direct mail campaigns that will Jump-Out-Of-The-Mailbox.

We can produce English and Spanish versions of: 

  • Jumbo-sized double-sided postcards 
  • Pop-up pieces
  • FedEx type envelopes
  • Government type envelopes  
  • Official business type envelopes and payment checks 
  •  Boxed pieces 
  •  State of the art “hybrid campaigns” that bring the power of digital to your direct mail marketing

We have extensive experience working with budgets as low as $3,000 to over $5,000,000 a year.

Wondering how to use direct-mail advertising? For a free no-obligation consultation & to learn more about how The Rockford Group’s robust direct-mail advertising and fulfillment services can produce remarkable results for your business, just click this link.

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