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CLIENT: Access Self Storage | CAMPAIGN: Mother Foy
Access Self Storage has 18 locations in New York and New Jersey but was relatively unknown. Because a major consideration of self-storage customers is trust and dependability, many potential customers chose storage facilities they were more familiar with. While the industry’s standard stand-alone steel or brick storage facility projects an air of security and strength, there was the downside, too. Facilities were perceived as cold, and impersonal, even desolate. Rockford’s solution… Access Self Storage would benefit from a friendly face that was also the personification of reliability and a warm, comfortable touchstone. So we took the President of the company, Ms. Foy Cooley out of her business suit and put her into well-worn overalls to create the character “Mother Foy”.  After all, who better to take care of and watch over your household valuables than a hands-on mom you get to know and trust. The concept of “Mother Foy” was immediately and enthusiastically embraced by the public and the independent facility owners, and proved wonderfully successful. It happened to win an ACW award as well.
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